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About the Matching Program

GZIFE actively promotes the matching of major financing and cooperation projects, and drives the cooperation between governments and financial institutions, and among financial institutions, between financial institutions and enterprises. By holding signing ceremony for major projects, the credit agreement and cooperation letter of intent are signed; by building the project display platform and holding the project display platform and holding the project roadshow promotion meeting and other forms, both investors and financiers can carry out face to face negations, and promote the transaction on GZIFE's platform. GZIFE has become an important bridge for matching between industry and finance, with an accumulative total of more than 5 trillion Yuan of contract signing intention in the 11th Sessions. Financial institutions are striving competitively to create a series of innovative products and services of GZIFE and vigorously promote financial transaction cooperation.

Project Matching

The 11th GZIFE will promote the new project matching mechanism of "precise matching and intention negotiation", fully integrate the matching negotiation with exhibition and presentation, organically integrate with forum conference, and effectively integrate with brand activities; meanwhile, it will optimize investment and financing  matching process by combining the information registration and appointment on the page of "Project Matching" on the official website of GZIFE to realize the integrated promotion of the role of GZIFE in investment promotion, and comprehensively strengthen the effect of GZIFE cooperation platform.

Signing of Industry and Finance Integration Projects

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