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About Us
Guangzhou International Exhibition Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, led by the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade. Since 2018, it has been merged into Guangzhou State-owned Assets Development Holding Co., Ltd. (now Guangzhou Industrial Investment and Capital Operation Holding Group Ltd.), becoming the only state-owned holding enterprise engaged in the operation of the convention and exhibition industry under the Guangzhou State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

32 years, rooted in Guangzhou, based on the Bay Area, radiation of the world, Guangzhou International Exhibition Co., Ltd. undertake nearly 100 various types of international exhibitions, the total exhibition area of 3 million square meters. The company has the resources of the whole industry chain of exhibitions, covering four core business sectors such as exhibition organization, forum planning, media communication, and exhibition services, and is committed to becoming a comprehensive operator of the exhibition industry that drives the high-quality development of the urban economy.

Looking forward to the future,  Guangzhou International Exhibition Co., Ltd. will continue to enhance the level of marketization, specialization, branding and internationalization of the convention and exhibition industry, promote the integration and development of the convention and exhibition industry and the main industry, and better serve enterprises and the real economy. Cultivate world-class city convention and exhibition brand projects, support the construction of Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Capital, and lead the bay area convention and exhibition economy to take off.
Introduction of GIFE

China (Guangzhou) International Finance Expo (hereinafter referred to as "GIFE") was founded in 2012 and held every June. So far, ten sessions have been held successfully. The theme of the 11th GIFE is  "A New Era for Digital Economy, Unlocking New Financial Potential of Lingnan", focuses on the three major tasks of serving the real economy, preventing and controlling financial risks, and deepening financial reform, and builds a China financial exhibition and forum brand with “9-in-1” multi-functions which integrates financial achievements exhibition, financial reform publicity, financial knowledge popularization, financial academic exchange, financial industry matching, financial product promotion, financial equipment sales exhibition, financial talent recruitment and financial investment conference through the five platforms of "Display, Exchange, Cooperation, Trading and Investment Promotion" in accordance with the requirements of Scalization, Specialization, Branding and Internationalization, to build a bridge of communication and cooperation between Guangzhou and the world, and to create a favorable environment for international investment and financing. The GIFE also commits to accelerate the construction of regional financial center, and promote high-quality economic development to provide strong financial support for playing the role of Guangdong as the pacesetter in "four leading roles in the country", and enhancing the capacity of global resource allocation, to help build the international financial hub of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, build a world-class city with unique characteristics and distinctive culture, and realize the vision of "GIFE-Bridging China's Finance and the World”.

Organizational Structure

Directed by:

China Banking Association

Securities Association of China

Insurance Association of China

Asset Management Association of China

China Association for Public Companies

China Futures Association

Payment & Clearing Association of China

China Trustee Association

China National Association of Finance Companies

China Micro-credit Companies Association

Special Thanks to:

The People's Bank of China Guangzhou Branch

China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission Guangdong Office

China Securities Regulatory Commission Guangdong Office

Steered by:

Guangdong Financial Supervisory Authority

Guangzhou Municipal Local Financial Supervision and Administration

Hosted by:

The Organizing Committee’s Office of GZIFE

China Financial Publishing House

GZIFE Investment Management Co., Ltd

Organized by:

Guangzhou International Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Co-organized by:

Financial Society of Guangdong

The Banking Association of Guangdong

The Securities & Futures Association of Guangdong

Guangdong Association of Insurance Industry

The Listed Companies Association of Guangdong

Guangdong New Three Board Enterprise Association

Guangdong Province Financial Think Tank Association

Guangdong Credit Association

Gold Association of Guangdong Province

Guangdong Confederation of Financial Consumer Protection

Guangdong Association of Microcredit

Guangdong Financial Leasing Association

Guangdong Factors Association

Guangdong Financing Guarantee Association

Guangdong E-commerce Investment and Financing Association

Guangzhou Finance Association

Guangzhou Finance Professionals Association

Guangzhou Digital Finance Association

Guangzhou Green Finance Association

Guangzhou Microfinance Industry Association

Guangzhou Private Equity Council

Guangzhou Venture Capital Association

Guangzhou Factors Association

Guangzhou Industrial Economics Federation

Guangzhou Enterprise Federation

Guangzhou Entrepreneurs Association

Guangzhou New Three Board Enterprise Association

Supporting Partners:

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Guangzhou

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, Korea Business Center, Guangzhou

New South Wales Government Trade & Investment Office-Guangzhou

European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in China-South Division

European American Chamber of Commerce & Industry

China-Australia Chamber of Commerce-South China

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