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Chinese Name:工银安盛人寿保险有限公司广东分公司
English Name:ICBC-AXA Life Insurance Company Limited Guangdong Branch

Chinese Introduction

工银安盛人寿保险有限公司(下称“工银安盛人寿”)于2012年7月正式成立。公司由中国工商银行、法国安盛集团、中国五矿集团等实力雄厚的中外股东合资组建,注册资本金125.05亿元人民币,专营人寿保险、健康保险和意外伤害保险等保险业务。公司总部位于上海,截至2021年末,已在全国设立了19家省级分公司、1家直属中心支公司、1家资产管理子公司。   在经营中,工银安盛人寿以客户为中心,依托股东雄厚的资本实力、卓著的品牌声誉及互补的专业优势,构建以客户需求为导向的“产品+服务”体系,满足客户日益提升的多样化需求。同时,公司积极贯彻落实“保险姓保”的监管要求,坚持“高价值成长”的发展战略方针,以规模稳增、结构优化、盈利提升为经营目标,力争稳步实现成为信誉卓著、管理科学、文化先进、效益良好的国内一流保险公司的愿景,为中国寿险业的稳定健康发展贡献更多的力量。

English Introduction

Established in July 2012, ICBC-AXA Life Insurance Company Limited (ICBC-AXA Life) is a joint venture created by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), AXA Group (the world’s largest insurance group), and China Minmetals Corporation, with a registered capital of RMB 12.505 billion, offering life, health and accident insurance. Headquartered in Shanghai, the company has set up 19 provincial branches, 1 central branch under direct management of the head office and 1 asset management subsidiary across China by the end of 2021. Customer focus is ICBC-AXA Life’s business philosophy. Relying on the shareholders’ substantial investment, the company’s outstanding brand reputation and its comprehensive professional advantages, ICBC-AXA Life has built a “product + service” system prioritizing its customers and their needs of growing variety. At the same time, while sticking to the nature of insurance and “high-value growth” strategy, the company aims to optimize its structure, steadily develop in scale and gain an increase in profits. It strives to step by step achieve the vision of becoming a domestic first-class insurance company with outstanding reputation, scientific management, advanced culture and good economic benefits, contributing more to the stable and healthy development of China’s life insurance industry.